PIMCO Portfolio Analyst Intern Newport Beach or BB IBD NYC

Hey guys, I go to a target school on the east coast. Right now I am deciding between these two offers! Long term plan is to be on the buy-side although I am leaning towards PE at the moment. Which one would you recommend me to take in terms of learning experience? What would the exit opps be for PIMCO?

I could always do FT recruiting if needed. Thanks!

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the answer is pretty simple


Can you elaborate on that?

i could


I got the PIMCO offer too, BB IBD is way better assuming you're not in a shit group


I wonder what makes you say that. I don't know about the specific position at PIMCO but PIMCO as a firm is way harder to get into than any BB. They're not even on the same level.


If your interests are in PE then take the BB IB role.

In terms of learning experience, i would take PIMCO, you'll get to meet and work with some pretty smart people and you won't be working on pitchbooks till all hours of the night like in IB, you will be starting work at 430-5am though. Job opportunities at PIMCO are definitely harder to come by, and since it's just an internship you can decide not to come back if it's not to your liking.


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