PIMCO Product Associate Interview

Hi Guys,

I have a Product Associate Interview with PIMCO coming up after a phone interview last week. Just wondered if anyone has had experience of the kind of questions are asked for PIMCO's Product group?

Heard it's very macro/markets based but that there is also very technical fixed income questions/financial maths?

I come from an Equity Sales background at a BB so can talk markets/macro all day but concerned on the technical fixed income front!

Many Thanks in advance!!

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May 31,2017

I interviewed for the same group a year ago, although for the Analyst class (straight from UG). Questions were heavily technical, very macro and fixed income focused. They seemed to observe quantitative and critical thinking skills very closely, more so than fit would be observed at other firms. I even got some brain teasers.

If you're concerned about technical fixed income, brush up (or learn, if needed) on topics such as duration, convexity, etc. These terms will almost certainly come up, as I've heard they do even in far less quant-heavy roles (ex: business development).

Good luck!

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May 31,2017

Ah okay great, thanks so much for this - really is incredibly helpful! Going to spend the 'duration' of between now and then learning these and the fixed income markets back to front and inside out!

May 31,2017

Also worth noting that PIMCO places great value in the CFA designation. So expressing an interest may help you, although it's more likely that expressing disinterest would hurt you (if that makes sense).

May 31,2017