Piper Jaffray Summer Analyst 2018 Superday

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I recently got offered a superday at Piper Jaffray's San Francisco office (likely interviewing just with Consumer, but might also have a chance to speak with members in the technology group).

I am very excited about the opportunity and was wondering if anyone who has recently (in the past few years) gone through the superday process with Piper Jaffray has any pieces of advice to give? Advice specifically about interviewing with the SF group would be amazing, but I understand that might be difficult information to extract and would take any advice about general PJ interview experience. I feel as though I know my technicals very well and would be looking for any helpful feedback about some behavioral/fit questions they might ask besides "Why PJ?" and "Why IB?" Thank you all in advance.

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Aug 27, 2017

How did the super day go? Curious what types of technicals middle market ask

Sep 17, 2017

When is your super day? I have one coming up as well.

Oct 10, 2017