Plan B - Boutiques and MM banks



Recruiting is pretty much wrapped up everywhere now including boutiques and middle market banks.

So the rest of us are done for. But its time to either find a job in finance what other jobs in finance are there?

Do interviewing for Asset Management or corporate finance rotational programs wrap up around now as well?

I plan to get my MBA so this isn't my final shot at banking but should I be looking at these other finance jobs and applying to them right now as Plan B?

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Oct 30, 2012 - 7:56pm

Your Plan B should be complete Plan A... that being said, it's easy to misinterpret this saying and keep shooting for banking jobs while pushing away other high quality related finance opportunities w/ your mind set only on banking gigs. At some point you have to face the music and realize that your chance at this intersection in time is over or at least significantly reduced. The best thing you can do is to evaluate every opportunity that comes your way with a tint towards banking. The earlier you seek out opportunities that are more closely aligned with banking the better, as you let time pass you'll become more and more desperate and the opportunities will also dwindle a perfect recipe for making the wrong decision. For example, I turned down valuation gigs and FLDPs still searching for banking jobs, and in the end I was the one w/ egg on my face when I had to settle for an F500 position. Maybe what I suggested is obvious and simple, but when your in the midst of a bad recruiting season or are determined to break in the right choice isn't always the most obvious.

'Before you enter... be willing to pay the price'
Oct 31, 2012 - 12:02pm

Op sounds like he didn't have his shit straight for FT recruiting. He posted this earlier this year, that he had to following offers for SA:

1.) ECM at Opco.
2.) Structured Finance at BNP.
3.) GTS with Citi
4.) non-paid non-offers M&A internship at a no-name boutique

One would think you could pull comparable offers for FT. Structured Fin and GTS aren't exactly rocket science... I'm just saying.

That IBD or bust mentality is gonna leave you high and dry. In this type of economy, coming from a non-target you take what you can get (even if it means MO), and thank your lucky stars if you got an FO position. Stop making major career decisions based on what WSO thinks, life is not black and white, people make it from MO to IBD from time to time (e.g Risk Management to Lev Fin), just get your foot in the door and start grinding. I know tons of non-target kids (class of 2011/2012/2013) with 3.8/3.9/4.0 that wanted IBD but couldn't get it. Now you tell me, are your more deserving of an IBD gig than some of these kids? Chill out and get real.

Oct 31, 2012 - 9:21am

Most recruiting, for all finance jobs (CF, AM, ER, IBD, etc) is coming to an end. You needed to be looking for other opportunities not just IBD for the last several months. At this point, you need to reach out to every contact you have in every area of finance to see if you can get a job. Also, look at boutiques as a lot of them will keep hiring through next year. Just spam everything you can find right now. And remember, you can always accept a job and continue to look. It's far easier to find a job when you have a job.

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