Hi everyone,

I would like to seek advice from the older more experienced chimps here in regards to my first graduate job. Just a little background, I am graduating in 6months time, final semester, with a bachelor in data science, specialising in ML/AI. Personally, I am interested in financial data science, and anything involving investing, trading and portfolio management, buyside.

The question here would be, what would be a good choice in my first graduate job, considering it as a good stepping stone in terms of learning, experience and CV building. I am looking long term here, with the goal of starting 3 kinds of finance firms by 35 - a hedge fund, VC and PE firm. Presumptuous, maybe, but this is the plan for now. I am still open to alternatives and understand things are dynamic, but this is the plan for now and I am crafting my route towards it.

So this begets the question, would working for a big IB bank or a smaller boutique hedge fund/AM firm be more appropriate as a first grad job.

Would appreciate any kind feedback and advice

Young chimp starting out to make a dent in this universe.

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