Please evaluate my profile for Masters yall, would be a great help

Indian Native Male (Non-Engineer)

UG- London School of Economics Bsc Economics and Philosophy

GPA- 1st Class Rank (Top 5%)

GMAT- 760

Internships/Work Ex- 

During High School- 

1) Assistant Manager - Family Business (Luxury Perfumes and Cosmetics Manufacturing and Retail)

2) Intern- Regional NSE listed Company in their Real Estate Dept. (Gurugram, New Delhi)

3) Intern- Tata Consultancy Services in their IT consulting department. (Varanasi, India)

Between High School and College

1) Intern- Indian Charted Accounting, Legal and Financial Consulting under an HBS alumni (Noida, New Delhi)

During University-

1) Intern- Aon Hewitt HR Consulting APAC (#1 HR Consulting in APAC) (New Delhi)

2) Intern- AT Kearny London Tech in Private Equity and M&A (London)

Internships are probably the biggest plus in my profile, I assume

Clubs- LSE Economics Society, Royal Economic Society, International Development Club, Music, 180 Degrees Consulting, Debate, Economics, Philosophy and Coding

Extracurriculars- Scuba Diving (licensed), Sky Diving A license, Cricket, Indian Classical Guitar, Indian Classical Flute, Fashion

Spoken Languages- English, Hindi, German (B2 hoping to complete C1 in the coming year), Urdu, Punjabi

Programming Languages- Python, Java, R, Strata, MATLAB, SQL

Other Technical Skills- Excel, MS Suite, PPT, Audio-Visual Editing

Relevant Certifications- SIE, ECDL, Going for CFA L1

Goal - MBB/OW/S&/Roland or PE


in Finance - MFin Oxford, Msc Fin&PE LSE, MiF LBS

in Management - SiM St Gallen, MiM HEC, MiM LBS

any and all advices and suggestions are more than appreciated

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Comments (6)

  • Prospect in PE - Other
Sep 14, 2021 - 12:06pm

You must know that on paper you're going to be competitive for top programmes with that GMAT and UG performance combined with decent internships. Would focus on AT Kearney over everything else you've listed for internship experience as it's actually relevant to your goals and is the most recent. Don't list high school stuff on your resume unless it is genuinely impressive. 

My main question would be what were your roles in all those clubs you listed? Do you have any leadership experience? That - along with sub-par essays or mediocre references - are probably the only reasons that you wouldn't get into the majority of your target programmes. 

Also side note - and others might be able to advise better - but I'm not sure stating MBB as a goal when applying to an MFin is a good idea as it seems like the wrong programme. I wouldn't state PE either as you have very little chance of that given no previous banking internships and they want people who are actually realistic about their goals. Your profile/goals seem a great fit for MiM, but much less so MFin for MBB/PE - if you were going for IB it would be a different story. 

Most Helpful
Sep 14, 2021 - 2:46pm

i don't wanna reveal my positions in those clubs due to privacy reasons but I had a leadership position in only one of the clubs I listed and it is somewhat relevant to my career goals, in other clubs, I was either an extremely active member or extremely passive member. I had a mini-startup in high school as well which was a career awareness platform for South Asian kids who were bounded to doctor/engineer/law careers, it was meh, we only got over 6000 users in 4 months  plus I had my boards so I had to drop the startup, would this be worth mentioning?

In terms of internships, the most amount if responsibilities given to me and the impact I was able to make was during my internship in that Boutique Firm between HS and College so thinking of mentioning that as well as Aon Hewitt and AT Kearney Internship. 

I have a rec from the Partner at Kearny I was working under, one from a C suite exec from Aon Hewitt, and two from my professors. Essay would be pretty subjective so cant say if I am gonna make it or not ahaha

  • Intern in CorpStrat
Sep 14, 2021 - 7:53pm

This is probably one of the most solid profile's I have seen. Write good essays, interview well - you seem like the perfect candidate. 

  • Consultant in Consulting
Sep 16, 2021 - 5:19pm

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