Please Evaluate Profile for MSF Programs - Thanks!

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Hello everyone!

Could I get some help evaluating my profile for MSF admissions?

Academic Stats:
School: Non-target state school (National ranking 100-150)
GPA: 3.50
GMAT: 700 estimated (Taking in two weeks maybe 700-720)

Work Experience:
Current Job: Analyst at a Credit Rating Agency (duration about 1 year)
Past Job: Boutique Private Equity Summer Intern

Currently considering applying to:
UT Austin

Maybe applying to SMU, LBS financial analysis, Villanova

My goal is to break into investment banking or venture capital.
What do you think my chances are at these schools or do you perhaps have any other recommendations?

I looked at LSE programs some but they require academic references and I am looking to use my current supervisors as my recommenders.

In addition, I'm very interested in the new program at LBS for financial analysis. Does anyone have an idea of how competitive it will be?

Thanks for the help!

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Sep 17, 2015

your profile is typical but fit will be a difference-maker.

Sep 18, 2015


Any other comments?

Sep 18, 2015