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Hi can you guys help decide on which offer to accept? I have been out working for a year since leaving a semi-target uni in the UK. I currently work in the Treasury support function for a national bank but the nature of role increasingly shifted towards compliance since the legal team didn't have the treasury expertise. So i have been looking for a role which offers more exciting opportunities and better career prospects. I have been fortunate enough to have secured 2 offers in very different fields:

1. General Motors Financial Treasury Funding Desk - basically doing unsecured funding for the company's European operations. I think this is a more senior level than my current role so it will be a nice promotion to get into a much bigger company and exposure to front office trading and ultimately IB. Only concern is it is headquartered in a 3rd tier city, so location is not ideal, but pay is relatively high for people with my level of experience.

2. Accenture Analyst Consulting Group - An offer to the standard graduate programme. No idea whether i will be in tech consulting or management consulting yet. A great company with global reputation in consulting, so with all the hype into the consulting field, it will definitively offer a nice career 10 years down the road. Main concern is it is too tech focused. I have no interest and experience in technology or IT. Salary is lower than option 1 and will be based in London so will be real squeeze in my first few years. And I am already 25 this year, so starting with all fresh grads who are only 21 can be a little frustrating.

Can anyone with a bit more insight to Corporate Treasury or Consulting give me some advice to which I should take? Personally I am leaning towards GM but some advice from other people would be highly appreciated.


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May 1, 2014

definitely Accenture

happy to give advice; no asking for referrals please

May 2, 2014