Please share your favourite educational WSO PE posts


WSO has been a huge help to me over the years, and the career advice I've recieved on the move from consulting into MM PE has been incredible - so thank you all.

Beyond career advice, I'm increasingly finding the forum to have absolute nuggets of gold on more 'advanced' subjects as they become relevant to my day-to-day - e.g. fund strategy/deal dynamics/portco management etc. Some of these are buried in posts from years ago, and only resurface with a search.

It'd be neat to have a place to collate some of these killer posts, on topics important to those now in the game. Reading how other PE professionals approach their investments on a forum like this is an incredible learning opportunity, and so too the intelligent discussion.

So please comment below with links to threats that you've found useful. Here's a couple of favourites from me to get started. I'll aim to put these in buckets for easy navigation in a few weeks' time.

  1. Healthcare rollups

  2. Growth investing philosophy

  3. Management teams


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