Does anyone know what actually they would like to see in an outstanding answer? It's always pretty tough find a good article...

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Not sure what the question is here but here is what I would do.
Look at macro articles on Bloomberg, WSJ, PIMCO and Yahoo finance. When you find something on here of relative interest connect that article to xxx. Ex Please write about a recent news article that has interested you and how you feel that subject would relate to WTI Crude future prices"

There's articles about how the refineries in Texas were affected by recent hurricanes. what is the impact on supply? how does this relate to the futures pricing?

You can use this sort logic on companies PR issues (Google). New acquisitions (Amazon, whole foods, Kohls )

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that's 1:1 the tone JP asks this question.

So do your job, look at (recent) clients, and see if you find any news on them.


Recent right wing politics
-> Trump
-> Brexit
-> German elections

Relate that back to the potential tightening of Cross Border commerce and especially Cross Border M&A. Talk about how Asia and other markets are trying to get a foothold in established markets therefore you think Cross Border M&A is the future driver of deal activity and how this new right wing anti-globalisation sentiment is a threat to that


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