Pls help: Should I let BB IBD know of my Commercial Banking offer?

Hi guys,

I received a summer internship offer for a top 5 China bank that just opened a branch in my hometown. The internship does not have a certain structure, as the bank does not have a formal internship program in the US. It is for commercial banking.

I am still waiting to hear back from BB IBD HK Summer Associate superday that I attended over 2 weeks ago. It is likely that I am either rejected or on the waitlist.

At this point, should I let the bb know of my commercial banking summer offer?

Thanks for any input.


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Feb 7, 2013 - 11:02pm

I thought it was fine to let banks know of other offers because it makes me seem more wanted. No good?

HR from superday specifically told us to let them know of other offers. But in my case, it's an offer from a commercial bank and not an investment bank. Though this commercial bank is considered top in China (top5) and the IBD BB I went to superday for is also toptop (GS/MS/JPM).

Edit: not sure if it matters... But I really want to work in HK/China. So would it look good if the China bank is interested in me?

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