PM who seems reluctant to put on trades in my coverage despite 3+ years

I am currently facing the current problem - how does one resolve this in the most appropriate manner? 

  • At a MM setup

  • Been here 3+ years

  • Cover a particular sector, but PM is not familiar with the sector and doesn't put on many active trades in my coverage sector despite my being hired to cover this sector in detail and having a good paper record. My positions are maybe 10-20% of total book max, and very little discussion between my PM and me on the sector nuances

  • Esp. if the sector doesn't perform for a few months, PM seems to give up easily on this sector and will avoid investing in for 6+ months sometimes, despite me pitching viable short ideas to make money even if the sector faces drawdowns. We also tend to miss the turning points when sector does well again, again due to lack of communication (I pitch long ideas when I feel sector is turning, but suggestion is usually ignored with little feedback as to why or detailed discussions). But seems PM works with other analysts even if their sector gets hit to identify short-term trading ideas. But when I pitch ideas in my sector most of time little to no feedback / ideas are ignored, and gross exposure is always just reduced to a minimum. 

  • Leading to increased pent-up frustration, especially as I am giving this job my 200% and bring passion for investing to the job. 

  • Have not had any prior disagreements or arguments with PM 

  • Not sure how to bring this up with PM in the best way. Afraid that by being direct will cause blowback and hurt my standing. But also afraid if not mention this issue (in a diplomatic way) will be selling my career short and unfair to myself, career stagnation.

  • Doing the same amount of work as my peers but frustrating to see them get more weight in the book simply because PM knows their names or sector better personally.

  • Has anyone else had this issue and how to resolve? Been at this co. for 3 years now starting to feel very frustrated that my sector isn't being traded in the correct way or treated like an afterthought rather than a solid profit driver.

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