Political Science UG to Finance Masters. Internship/Resume advice

Hello all:

Recently I decided to ditch my law school oriented path to pursue finance. Next August I will be attending Georgetown's MSF program. Because I am a Political Science undergraduate, I don't have any finance internships and minimal business classes under my belt right now. The most important objective I need to complete is getting an Internship within the 1st year of the MSF

Question: What do you all suggest I do within my time frame to build my resume before applying to internships? Also what kinds of internships should someone in my position aim for ? 

* I am still in UG. Last semester will be in spring. I have begun self studying accounting and statistics as well as familiarizing myself with finance terms and concepts by reading..... Long way to go still* 

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Nov 19, 2021 - 1:09pm

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