Portfolio Analyst for corporate bank portfolio: What to expect?

Hi all,

So I'm looking for help understanding a position my buddy had described to me. He said it was a portfolio analyst position for a corporate bank which managed the portfolio of loans the bank has issued. Confused me a bit as other portfolio analyst positions involved managing portfolios either for specific clients (PWM) or for funds that groups of clients in invest in (AM/HF/Buy side) rather than directly for the bank.

Can anyone offer some insight as to what the day-to-day tasks might be and what skills are useful to develop should I decide pursue it as a career? Also, it seems like the position is located on the IB side of the bank vs AM, so would that affect the typical exit opps one would expect from working in AM as a portfolio analyst?

If I'm not being clear enough let me know.

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Aug 24, 2016

If it's what I'm thinking it is, you'll most likely be assigned a group of companies (usually bigger companies) which the bank has loans out to. Whenever one of them does a new loan deal (ranging from M&A, recap, refi), you'll assist in putting together a memo that analyzes the company in various ways. This memo has to be approved by the risk management department before you can fund the loan. You'll also be in charge of standard reviews of the company to make sure they are performing. If you search "portfolio management corporate banking" there should be plenty of posts going into more detail

Sep 8, 2016


What type of exit opps can come from this in your opinion? Currently looking at moving into similar role in new city with a BB.. I've been doing MM credit since undergrad (Dec 14 grad) and have completed CFA 1&2 - taking L3 next summer. Looking to break into credit investing pre-MBA. Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sep 8, 2016