Portfolio Data Analyst opening -- advice needed

Going to make this as short as possible. I've been at a pretty large (30+B) Hedge Fund / Investment Manager firm for about a year now in an accounting role with some finance mixed in.

There is an internal opening for a Portfolio Data Analyst position. Basic responsibilities include verifying completeness of trades and information, resolve discrepancies, set-up financial instruments in our system, perform settlements of various types of financial instruments by working with the trading desk and operations.

I would like to eventually find a way out of accounting/middle office role and get to the "front office". Would this type of role be something that is a good step? I know it will at least get me working on trades, working with traders on a daily basis and working on operations so I figure it is a good step, if a tedious one.

All thoughts would be appreciated.

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Nov 30,2014

The new role sounds like a good step relative to an accounting position, but give up on the notion of "getting to the front office." That doesn't happen through progressive moves through the operations department. It happens through acquiring the relevant skillset. That means investing on your own, going back to school, doing the CFA, networking, or whatever else you'd need to do to qualify yourself for the job you ultimately want. And know that there's nothing wrong with operations, either. You can learn a lot and it is a critical responsibility in a large fund.

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Nov 30,2014