Portfolio Management Explained?

Hello all, I accepted a position within a bank that is titled portfolio management Summer Analyst and I am trying to figure out what I will be doing on a day to day so that I can start prepping now to crush the internship. Below will be the description given on the application page and I was hoping someone could break it down and explain it to me and hopefully what I could be doing / expected to do and what models I'll be running, etc. Thanks guys. See below.

Portfolio Management underwrites and manages the debt capital X commits to its corporate client base. Portfolio Managers work together with Corporate and Investment Bankers, Product Specialists, and Risk Managers to deliver capital and strategic ideas to the X client base. Post close of a transaction, Portfolio Managers lead the credit relationship with their clients and actively manage and monitor the credit profile and exposure levels across their portfolios.

The summer program will introduce Portfolio Management Summer Analysts to SunTrust, corporate finance and specifically, debt analysis. Portfolio Management Summer Analysts work with a Portfolio Management team, who focus on the debt profiles of STRH clients and support Corporate and Investment Bankers, Product Specialists and Risk Managers to deliver strategic solutions to SunTrust's clients. The Portfolio Management team analyzes companies' financial operating performance, evaluates industry trends and identifies key risks and mitigants of a client's credit profile against our lending parameters. Portfolio Management Summer Analysts will work on cash flow analyses and underwriting credits to sharpen financial analysis skills.

The STRH Summer Analyst program allows rising college seniors to develop an understanding of the capital markets and Fortune 1000 clients. The Summer Analysts will be assigned to one of STRH's Geographic or Industry Groups. The internship program will run for approximately 10 weeks in the summer months. Interns are primarily placed at our headquarters in Atlanta. We often offer our top Summer Analysts the opportunity to continue in full time positions in our Analyst program upon graduation.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Congrats man! I also took a SA position at STRH PM.

Went for a tour at the office last week, which got me pretty excited for this summer. If you would like to talk more about it feel free to DM me.


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