Possibility of lateraling from MM (Jefferies/WF/RBC) to EB (Moelis/Evercore/Lazard) after 1 year

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This summer I accepted an offer at a MM (Jefferies/WF/RBC), which I was initially very excited about. While I still believe it to be a great opportunity, I cannot shake the though of possibly lateraling to an EB like Moelis or Evercore. There is one reason, besides the fact that they are more prestigious shops, which has driven me to this recurring mindset, and that is the lean nature of these banks. I appreciate their sole commitment to the advisory aspect of the industry, as I believe the offering of every product under the sun by large banks can often dilute their ability to best advise their clients. Also, I really love watching Ken Moelis's interviews, dude is clever.

In terms of the actual lateral, I am mainly concerned with how to execute such a move. I am completely aware that I should at least give my current offer a fair shake, and that reaching out now would look odd given that I have yet to start. That being said, when is the appropriate time to reach out to alumni etc. asking about potential openings (month range).

At the end of the day, best case scenario would be me not wanting to lateral because I enjoy my current offer, but after the internship I don't see that as a likely case. Anyhow, I appreciate any insight.

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Dec 8, 2017

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Dec 8, 2017
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