possibility of transitioning into a career in finance

Hey everyone,

I am currently a student at top target school studying math, I have a ~4.0 gpa and I am graduating next year. I have very little experience in finance and honestly don't really see myself working in finance right now or an time really soon. My plan for now is to do biomedical research for a year or so and then apply to med school in a little while after that. I just wanted to get some of your guys take on my chances of getting a good finance related job (trader, IB or quant) at a top place like if I decided to go down a medical career pathway- is it even possible? I am mainly asking this question just to see if this is an option in case I find out later medicine is not for me. Also, as a math major I have had a lot of friends get involved with hedge funds and become quants/traders and get paid pretty crazy money, so that sounded pretty cool too.

thank you guys for taking the time to read this post and I hope you have a nice day :)


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Jun 14, 2017 - 5:28pm
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