Possible to go Investment Banking from Commercial Loan Analyst (1st job out of college)

I am trying to figure out my best potential path to get into investment banking. I am in the southeast, so I am looking at Raymond James IB (Atlanta and St. Petersburg), SunTrust Robinson Humphrey (Atlanta) and Barclays (Atlanta). I am looking for some suggestions, tips, direction, etc. Basically any help with my search.

I graduated in May from Auburn University with a BSBA - Accounting, and I am currently a Commercial Loan Analyst. In this position, I analyze business tax returns and financial statements in order to determine the credit risk of clients/determine if there is adequate cash flow for the existing and proposed debt service. I will be finished with my M.S. - Accounting in December. I hope to pursue an MBA in the near future. My plan would be to go for the MBA sooner rather than later if it will help me get into the analyst program initially. Otherwise, I would pursue it a little later so I could make it to the associate rank after finding success as an analyst. I have my sights set on the Series 79 license. I want to pursue the CFA designation. I know this isn't completely needed in investment banking, but it could be beneficial. Equity research is also something that I would really love.

Do I go for a full-time analyst position? Or will an IB internship be necessary?

On a side note, is there any validity to these two qualifications:
FMVA through the Corporate Finance Institute
CIBP through the Investment Banking Council of America


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Sep 13, 2018