Post-Conflict Private Equity

I recently met someone from Peru over drinks and we spent some time discussing both my job (oldschool large cap LBOs in Europe) and more growth equity / seed funding type of investments in South America.
He ended up giving a speech over a friend of his that does "Post-Conflict Private Equity", which he essentially described as an investment firm that has an incredibly opportunistic mandate and does small to mid-sized investments across a broad range of asset classes (agriculture, real estate, corporate equity & debt, other real assets (e.g. wood)) in countries that recently suffered from war, political clashes etc. (read: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, what feels like pretty much everything in Africa, selected countries in LatAm and Asia), aiming for a decent deal in what seems to be a very high risk / reward-type of environment.

I have never came across these type of funds, neither through literature nor personal contacts, and while a quick google search yielded some names (e.g. , ) these funds tend to be very secretive and not necessarily fans of disclosure.

In case anybody on this forum is familiar with these type of funds I would be very happy to receive some information, otherwise I hope I was able to provide some food for thought regarding what I find to be an incredibly interesting topic in which I have invested literally zero brain cells to date.

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