Post MBA Consuling Salary HELP!

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Okay so I've been looking through several posts (both new and old) and I am pretty confused about MBB salaries.

Pre MBA is rather consistent; somewhere between 70-85k directly out of undergrad.

However, when we tread into Post MBA waters, things appear.. well arbitrary lol.

I have heard 90k, 125k, 160k, so my question is...
Post MBA MBB, what is the salary (and salary progression) like?

Is 125-160 more accurate?
Does it increase yearly?

Please excuse my ignorance, I am still a bit of a newbie.


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Jul 16, 2011

About USD120k base + signing and end-of-year bonus for post-MBA associate. Search HBS, Stanford GBS and Wharton employment reports.

For the next level you take about 2 years to be promoted and base is 1,5x times that.

Jul 16, 2011 has very accurate salary information for post MBA

Jul 16, 2011

wasnt too sure about the accuracy of managementconsulted, but according to the two above posts, it seems to be pretty accurate

"That's an average of $160-200K in total first year consulting pay. Again, consulting summer interns should expect a pro-rated portion minus bonus. This does not include retirement contributions. My original estimates were a bit lower, but have been adjusted upward based on emails and the comments below."

Jul 17, 2011

Oh and are these salaries applicable to only MBB, or is this fairly standard across most firms?
Anybody have any info on Toronto?

Jul 17, 2011

My info is for MBB and it is somewhat standard across geographies. I know for a fact that AT Kearney, for example, pays some premium to that in a way to try to attract MBA talent.

Jul 17, 2011