Post-Offer GPA Question for a BB FO Position vs. MM SA Position. Will SA Offer get Flagged/Rescinded?

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I currently have an offer for a BB FO SA position (not IBD) however my GPA has been below their minimum of 3.2. I never lied about my GPA, since I did not put it on my resume and have told people what it actually is when asked. I must have networked well enough and shown enough in the interviews to receive the offer. Will this be a problem during background checks, potentially rescinded offer? Also alternatively I have an offer at a MM shop (same division) but they have no such GPA requirement and pretty sure the background check would pass smoothly.

Will this be an issue, should I opt for the MM offer instead or take the BB? Of course I prefer the BB offer but also rather have a job lol

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Nov 15, 2017

This comes up so much on this site haha. Honestly if you didn't lie at ANY POINT during the application process, I think you should be fine. Banks take people with gpas under their minimum

Nov 15, 2017

Good on you for not fudging your GPA and getting a great offer. You have nothing to worry about - Congrats!

Nov 15, 2017

You're all set :). Lying on your resume with false GPA information is grounds for having your offer rescinded. Excluding it and having it come up thereafter won't. I think you should go BB SA position. this way it should be comparatively easier when FT recruiting comes if you are looking to switch to IBD.

Congratulations in each case. That's a fantastic accomplishment in November. Now you have 6 months relatively free more or less :)

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Nov 20, 2017

Thanks! Yeah it's nerve wreaking but hopefully it will be fine :)

Nov 15, 2017

I am in a similar situation. Have a 3.26 GPA and just received an offer for MM IBD. The job posting had a 3.4 GPA cutoff, as well as the offer letter mentioning the requirement of good academic standing and maintaining a 3.4 overall grade point average. Obviously, they didn't care throughout the process and I never lied on my GPA or during interviews. Should I have an issue when they conduct the background checks?

Nov 16, 2017