Post-undergrad plans-- Compliance vs. Corporate Finance (law school vs. eventual MBA)

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I'm a rising senior majoring in finance and I'm trying to decide what I want to do after I graduate. My GPA and resume are primed for a F500 corporate analyst spot. However, I'm exploring an interest in compliance as well. I'm starting a compliance focused internship in a few weeks that I know will give me an edge if I perform well there and take the compliance route.
**if I don't get into a top-20 law school I won't go to law school at all (so no need for that lecture). If I do get in though, I'm not completely sure I even want to go through the time and misery of law school if it's not going to seriously improve my career prospects. I'm studying for the LSAT now and I'll apply to keep my options open until the end, however.

So I have a couple questions and I'd really appreciate you all's help....
1) How successful can someone be in compliance/risk management without a law degree?
2) What's general career trajectory and earning potential for corporate finance versus compliance?

I've done my research on all of this but I'd really appreciate hearing from folks that are in the finance industry. My mom is an (compliance adjacent) attorney so you can image the noise coming from that end.

Thanks in advance!