Power Trading Internship/Entry-level roles

I am a PhD student in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a Power Systems focus at an Ivy League school. In addition to power, I have a solid background in math (think probability, statistics and ML needed for a quant research position). I've done significant work on very detailed power modeling (expanding on the "traditional" OPF, Power Flow, SCUC/ED modeling) and natural gas. Also, in my research I developed large-scale datasets for power and gas networks in the US, by pulling data from public sources, and I did a bit of work on forecasting renewables.

I am interested in getting into the power trading business, specifically front-office roles (virtual bids, FTR/CRRs, transmission modeling, etc).

  1. What roles and companies tend to concentrate more PhDs? I have the impression from the job description that FTR Analyst positions tend to like PhDs.

  2. I wasn't able to find internship programs targeted towards PhDs (perhaps something similar to what Two Sigma, Citadel or DE Shaw have). I checked DC Energy, Macquarie, EDF and a few more, but all their programs are for undergrads. This will be my last summer before graduation, and it'd be nice to get some exposure.

If you could provide some help, it'll be greatly appreciated

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Jan 12, 2022 - 3:01pm

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