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Hi All,

Looking for some advice from anyone who has switched jobs often to build their career. I currently work in corporate treasury (first job after M.Sc.) at a financial services firm, great responsibilities, strong focus on capital markets and investing in opportunistic ventures (fintech startups, portfolio purchases), business analyses, all good stuff. Most likely will be made Senior at end of the year. My experience with investing and evaluating startups has lead me to become interested in ending up in the VC space. If I cannot somehow via networking etc. transition without an MBA, I will apply for a program in a year or two.

Right now I have the opportunity to help build the capital markets piece of the treasury team at a well-known but relatively risky tech startup - I have already interviewed and will be receiving an offer soon.

Is it OK to switch after only a year, or should I hold out for one more? I am also taking CFA 1 in December and wondering if I should wait until that is in the bag to search for other potential roles. Does this all even make sense or should I just push to get into VC directly, leveraging my experience?

Any thoughts appreciated!

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Sep 13, 2018

Haven't switched jobs that often, but as someone who worked in a no-name company at the start of my career and then at a startup, I would strongly suggest sticking with your current job if it's a reputable financial services firm. I know the idea of working at a startup sounds fascinating, but you're still early enough in your career that you should jump at the chance to learn the ropes at an established firm first. One year is not enough for that.

Separately, since you ultimately wish to work in VC, why bother leaving what seems like a great job, and one which will set you up well for what you wanna do, unless it's to move to VC?

Just my 2c, take it for what you will.

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Sep 13, 2018