Pre-MBA career switch to MBB -- does this ever happen?

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A question I've seen addressed here and there, but I'm looking for people who have have actual experience (successful or not):

Just how hard is it to career switch into MBB at the pre-MBA level, assuming appropriate educational pedigree (hate having to say that) and current career is similar / leverages compatible skill set, but in a different industry (i.e., strategy-focused)?

A common reply to this question is, "why not just go get an MBA then get a job at MBB?" ... but aside from genuinely wanting to work at MBB, part of the hope is to go work at a firm that will actually sponsor an MBA a few years down the road; I honestly can't afford to get an MBA.

Has anyone been able to do this successfully? I'm assuming it boiled down to having networked and random spots opening up off-cycle? Any other tips, is this something that's basically impossible, etc.?


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Nov 30,2012

I work with a couple pre-MBA industry hires. It happens.

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Nov 30,2012

You need to reach out and network a ridiculous amount. And then it is just luck. When I was interviewing there was one guy that had a job at the time and used his school's network to get an interview.

Nov 30,2012