Pre-MBA Post-Military Internships I want to learn/work!

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Ladies and Gents,

My name is Joel Harris, and I want to be an Investment Banker because of the analytics involved, and because I am hungry for more challenges to demolish.

First, a brief background; I recently completed my military service, and even more recently wrapped up an Master's in International Relations. Half-way through my program I realized I wanted to work in banking, but since I was still in the Army working as an Arabic Linguist involved in Signals Intelligence, I stuck with what I started. I have taken courses in finance and accounting, and I had statistics in undergrad.

I am awaiting decisions on b school this fall, and I want to spend the time between now and then interning at a related firm or bank. Additionally, I am also interested in taking courses or studying on my own. Should I do any modeling courses? Should I study math or finance? Should I take more college courses in accounting? Do you have any recommendations or advice? Thank you all.

(Also if any of you are hiring, I have attached a cover letter and resume to this post. I am willing to relocate for this internship to the East Coast, West Coast, Chicago, or Europe. I only require to be compensated enough to have food and a roof over my head.)

Investment Banking or Real Estate, or other related HR, hire me for the spring and summer as an intern, or share advice.