Pre-MBA Summer Internship Offers

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Do any consulting firms extend summer internship offers prior to you joining your MBA program? I know Mckinsey, BCG, Bain and Deloitte all have pre-MBA "engagements," but I am not sure if these events lead to offers. The only company I've found that appears to extend an offer before entering your MBA program is AT Kearney via their Diversity Boot Camp. Of course these offers are for the following summer, so in my case I'd interview Summer 2018, receive my internship offer for Summer 2019 and begin my MBA program Fall 2018 stress free (at least with regards to finding a job)!

Also, I plan on attending MLT Professional Development Conferences, The Consortium Orientation Program and Jumpstart MBA Diversity Program this year. Has anyone gone to any of these events or at least know of students receiving summer internship offers from Consulting Firms at these events?


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Jan 2, 2018