Hello all! I will try to be concise as this is a very specific question for my own situation. I recently graduated with a B.A. in journalism and decided late that I want to work in business. Easy right? Nope! I have decided to pursue my MBA in Finance and would like to work in VC or IB. I want to get some work experience before my MBA for many reasons but primarily to build a solid foundation and to better my chances at a top b-school. My question is what types of jobs should I be gunning for and have a real shot at achieving now? Some details; I have a GPA I am not proud of, 2.8 overall 3.9 for my final two years (Something clicked and I decided to stop messing around), I am very comfortable with my writing ability, I can learn very fast and don't believe anything to be unachievable, I am quite confident in my work ethic (I have been working for a defense contractor in a completely unrelated field for less than four months and have been offered a highly coveted government position over colleagues who have been there 15 years). I am very green and open to any and all advice. I will answer any questions that would help. Thanks primates.

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Agreed with the comment above. The paths to IB and VC are vastly different. Given your major, GPA, and general lack of experience regarding the financial sector I actually think your best path to IB is to work at your current position for 2-3 years (to gain experience and show continuity), engage in some meaningful leadership roles in at least 1 extracurricular activity, possibly take 1 or 2 business related classes at a local college and get A's to help further prove that you have the ability to perform academically and then either A) try to land a finance related job through networking or B) apply to a business school that will allow you to career change and transition into banking.

Your first goal should be to learn as much about the various finance paths to ensure that you actually are interested in these fields. You will definitely have to network as you have a few things working against you. Good luck.


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