Preparing for quant research interviews

Does anybody have suggestions for what to study for/how to get quant interviews at hedge funds (and prop shops)? Starting 4th year at Imperial College London after summer.
Relevant coursework beyond the basics: statistical inference, generalised linear model, stochastic processes, time series, computational statistics. Maybe useful: measure based probability, mathematical finance (Shreve Vols I, II).
I did research in stat-ML last summer, and am researching in a similar field this summer too. Background here covers the Elements of Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning books.
What else should I work on? And does anybody know if US offices are interested in recruiting from UK?

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Jul 5, 2019

Typically quant roles are looking for masters or PhD graduates but if your talented enough they generally don't care what country you're from. Interviewing there can be programming tests, brain teasers and tests probability problems.

Jul 6, 2019

Varies a lot by the fund. Above is very reasonable, also quant stuff from your background (ex: statistics or machine learning type questions) that you would be expected to know if you were good.

Jul 8, 2019