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I'm currently a high school junior with an internship at a Private Equity firm (Searchfund) and am currently tasked with making a presentation on an Industry I've researched. Does anyone know of a template/format for this aside from 10xEBITDA?

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Nov 19, 2021 - 2:47pm

I don't have a template but I would go about it like this. I'm not sure how long it's supposed to be but let's say 3 pages.

1. Industry Overview Slide - Growth of the Industry in Billions / CAGR - Then some commentary on the key growth trends - maybe there are 5 trends in the industry - good place to find this is Consulting research reports etc. - Also would include a potential macro-level overview, let's say the industry if healthcare, and you could show how Medicare/Medicaid spending is increasing. Then just some general statistics about the industry/notable events/regulatory changes etc.

2. Consolidation Trends - Would maybe find transactions in the past 2 years and see if the investment is overwhelmingly strategic or PE - Would also include a graph that has a line for capital raised and deal volume gauge the health of the market - also would include the major consolidator logos - PE-backed firms / Public Strategics etc. What are the trends in consolidation? Would outline in some bullet points thoughts on that. Are the firms vertically integrating are they expanding operations/geography, what is the focus of transactions 

3. Valuation - Idk if you know this, but just put together a List of Public Companies/Precedent Transactions and find mean/median and quartiles of the transaction multiples. So you can establish what the companies are valued at off of EBITDA, Revenue etc. Would also put something here to see if valuations have been increasing over time or are they decreasing - Who is paying more PE or Strategics, What is the premium on transactions etc. 

This is short, but again should be fine.

Nov 22, 2021 - 8:26am

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