Pricing Intern after Freshman Year

Hello everyone!

This is my first post on this forum so please excuse me if I sound naive.
So I am a freshman at a non-target school in Texas. This summer (2018) I have two offers at hand.
I have an offer of a Pricing Intern (paid internship) at a Fortune 1000 company in Texas and an opportunity to do a Data Science Research Fellowship at my University (Tier 1 State School). I hope to get into Investment Banking/ Equity Research in the future (lowkey also a little bit interested and curious about FinTech). Do you think the Pricing Internship will help me get an Asset Management Internship after my sophomore year and then maybe become an Investment Banking Summer Analyst after my Junior year? Or would I be better off doing the Data Science Fellowship because it could make me appear analytically strong?
I used to be a Computer Science Major (Hence the involvement in Data Science). Now I have changed to Math. I am really confused with these choices because both seem like great opportunities and there is a great trade off.
So basically it comes down to Internship or Research. What do you guys think?

TL;DR - Would the Pricing Internship be more marketable while networking your way into Walll Street or would a Data Science background help?

Thanks in advance!

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Apr 20, 2018