Priest denied at hospital because he did not have my Mom's official name

So my mom is in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia. She is still there. I went to church today and my priest fist bumped me and said he would stop by the hospital later today. I was like 'cool'. Then the security guard at the front desk didn't accept the fact that he had her "nickname" and real last name and real room number. He was dressed as a priest and denied. I get an email today about it and just feel like losing my shit. Like seriously you denied a priest from going to my mom to possibly give her her last communion? What kind of scum does this? I had to send an email to the pastor to apologize for his time being wasted. I think my mom is covered anyway overall and is going straight to heaven, but the nerve of this front desk security guard at the hospital denying a priest that had the right room number and last name drives me insane. 

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Nov 21, 2021 - 10:42pm

Shit man, this is one of the things I hate most in life, small-souled law humpers. No love, no romance, no life beyond their small, grey rulebooked life - they truly disgust me.

...and the Truth shall set you free
Nov 21, 2021 - 10:42pm

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