Private Equity Internship - London

Hi guys,
I am about to graduate in engineering (MSc) from a top engineering school in Europe (think Oxbridge) and did an internship with a returning offer in a tier 1 consulting firm (MBB) - not London office though. I am really looking to break into PE - either long term post MBA or now by possibly doing an internship before coming back in consulting. Any advices in terms of how to leverage from my background (no IBD experience)? What is the best advice you would give me to find an itnernship position? Cold calling universities alumni/former MBB consultants and build a network? Any advice would be really much appreciated.
Many thanks to those who want to give me a hand!

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Comments (9)

Jul 6, 2017

I would contact the firms that have internships available. Cinven e.g. does. Bridgepoint probably does. GS has internships in its MBD available. I know that PAI Partners does internships in other countries (might also do in London). etc. I think there are quite a few out there. Blackstone also sometimes offers off-cycle internships. most of them don't hand out return offers though.

Dec 7, 2018

what other firms have internships available ?

Dec 14, 2018

CD&R does, but will likely be difficult to break in without IB background/ experience.

Dec 14, 2018

what about MM firms? or smaller PE firms.

Dec 14, 2018

Just confirming that PAI London takes interns indeed.

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Dec 7, 2018

ya. off cycle ?

Dec 26, 2018

NB does internships in London

Dec 26, 2018

Recruiting firms such as Dartmouth Partners recruit interns for some of the names mentioned above. Therefore, make sure you put your CV in front of them.

That said, my advice is to enjoy life, start at MBB, get your 2 years of experience and then recruit. Although having 1 internship in PE may help you on a CV profile (i.e. show your interest), it is not going to change your odds much.
PE recruiting is all about getting 2-4 years experience in banking or consulting and networking with headhunters in 2-3 years so that they put your CV through the process.

Jan 6, 2019