Private Equity Internship - Now What?

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Currently a rising sophomore at a semi-target in the Northeast. I was able to get into an internship at a small private equity firm after freshman year and have been working here part-time for about three months. I've been able to be involved in all aspects of the deal pipeline including proprietary and intermediary sourcing, managing deal flow with brokers, financial modeling, CIM review, purchase offers, etc. It's been a great experience, but I am now looking ahead to my next opportunity.

My ultimate goal would be to work for Bain Capital in Boston. I've noticed that they take on private equity analysts straight out of undergrad. What should I be doing to set myself up for these kinds of opportunities? Should I target IBD at a small bank or stay more focused on buy-side roles? I was wondering what the career path for someone who lands an offer at a PE firm like Bain after graduation looks like. I think that my internship will help get a solid role for next summer; I am just wondering what I should be targeting / doing to give myself the best chances?

Thanks for any advice.

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Jul 30, 2018