Probably not looking at a BB/EB offer for SA this junior year, how will FT recruiting work?

I'm probably not going to be able to land a BB or EB for 2019, probably looking at a couple of MMs for 2019 SA, How does FT recruiting look for 2020 FT? I know it's much less structured, but is it pretty much the same, network early, ask around, and apply when the apps come out? How many spots are open at BBs/EBs, and what's the chance of an offer?

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Apr 24, 2018

The amount of spots at a BB and EB are contingent on how many SA's stay around. Your best bet is to go to a solid MM shop in the geography you want to be in, then really hit it hard for the BB. Exact spots are always up in the air, previous Analysts, where the economy is at, etc etc. Good luck man.

Apr 24, 2018

Mmm fuck. I'm mostly limited to a satellite office, think Houston or LA, but I'd like NY. Is this a dealbreaker?

Apr 24, 2018

You probably won't get NYC BB/EB for FT. The amount of spots are extremely limited. Kids that want to lateral from upper MM (NYC) -> EB/BB will try and so will all the kids that didn't get return offers from top places. From what I hear for FT recruiting the ratio during superdays is like 1:15 if not worse.

My question is why not go for 2019 SA for BB or EB? Theres still time (not even May) and while many processes have been accelerated the bulk of the recruiting will still be during August. Start networking like a madman brush up on your technicals and you'll have a fair shot.

I started my networking around this time and really kicked in into high gear around mid July and was still able to land multiple EB/BB so don't sell yourself short.

Apr 24, 2018