It's gotten nearly impossible to reply to a post on WSO using iPhone 7 and the Chrome app (latest version). The problem is both with typing a reply into the box as well as submitting that reply. I've tried clearing cache

Please fix

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Yep, iPhone 6 + chrome and same exact experience.

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Hopefully this just got accidentally overlooked instead of intentionally ignored

Can this be fixed?



ok, please try now...not ideal, but iOS update must have broken.changed something with relative placement in the cursor, etc...

I think it should work now, although we had to make comment form full screen on mobile.

We'll try to find a better solution in coming days, thank you for your patience and sorry this was missed.



It works better now, thanks



Wow,critical bug, totally missed this, will have team check it asap


We are working on it now. Will send an update soon.


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