I have a phone interview for Product Associate - Liability Driven Investing @ PIMCO. Does anyone know what kind of questions they can ask? There are two half an hour interviews. Also, can this position be leveraged into a PM role after few years.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.


Here is the job description:

Support Product Managers in delivering tail risk hedging, asset allocation, and liability-driven investment solutions for clients
Lever the effectiveness of the product management team so that they can focus on strategy advice and implementation by supervising data/information coordination and analysis
Increase connectivity across product "silos" and ensure consistency of inputs into asset allocation process
Interface with client facing analytics to prioritize model development, refinement, and beta testing
Work with the product team to monitor and manage the project queue to help prioritize opportunities, follow up with AM's to ensure continued connectivity and sustained involvement with clients
Perform asset/liability analysis to structure customized LDI solutions
Assist in the development of new LDI products and funds
Be an internal resource for client servicing and marketing groups for LDI-related questions and inquiries.
Ad Hoc research projects related to the pension and investments market, asset allocation, and tail risk hedging
Maintain marketing materials such as presentation books and other general education materials
Assist with RFPs