Professional mba -> IB SA. Advice?

Currently working for a tier 2 consulting firm but interested in making the switch to Houston energy IB after pursing an mba from a Texas target school. I don't have any previous work experience or education in finance, but obviously I would focus on taking related subjects while pursuing pmba. Part of my roadmap to ib is to get a certificate in financial and valuation modeling from a reputable program and start networking with family friends and school alumni in IB all before the start of my first semester. If anyone has any advice for me on this subject I'd very much appreciate it.Notes: Full time mba is out of the question.

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Nov 18, 2021 - 2:15pm

Need to know a couple other things before I could give good advice. 
How many years of work experience do you have?

Is all your experience at the T2 Consulting firm?

Have you been in Houston doing O&G consulting?

What is your undergrad degree in? what was your GPA? how reputable is the program?
What is your GMAT? Take it if you haven't. 

UT and Rice are the two schools you should be targeting. Both programs have great networks within Houston IB. I would rule out SMU, TCU, and A&M. Those MBA programs do not place people in IB. Happens occasionally with SMU but still rare (1-2 candidates a year).
PMBA is a tougher route than FT but people do it every year. The success rate (# of internships landed/ # of people recruiting) is at least 2x higher for FT, probably 3-5x. I know you said FT is out of the question but I would add that your internship $ and signing bonus $ combined is close to 100k so you wouldn't be completely broke. And your odds are much better of making the switch. 
That being said, if you have more than 3 years work experience, a 700+ GMAT (not even, 680 can work), present well, show genuine interest in O&G, you have a good shot from one of UT & Rice PMBA programs. From what I have heard Houston groups weigh GMAT scores more than NYC groups.

Disclaimer: This is all assuming you are a ORM male. If you are female or URM, your chances are much better than what I described above. Houston banks have a harder time attracting and retaining diverse employees and knock each other over to make it happen. 

Nov 18, 2021 - 4:15pm
  1. Close to 5 years
  1. Close to 1 year consulting, previous 4 in o&g industry: 1 large upstream company and 1 large downstream company (chemicals) (all roles in supply chain)
  1. So far consulted for 2 o&g companies, one in Texas another out of state.
  1. College of communications degree from notable Texas school, gpa shit and not worth mentioning. (Lacked focus during college years, pulled it together since graduating and have so far excelled in my professional career)
  1. Currently studying for the GMAT. Not a great test taker but aiming for 680 (another reason I'm looking at pmba instead of ft mba)

I know the chances are stacked against me especially bc of my undergrad gpa, field of study and lack of finance experience. But I've got grit and hustle which is reflected in my work history. I know a good story is key, so I would try to tell one based off the complete 180 I made after college.

I appreciate your response!

Nov 18, 2021 - 5:13pm

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