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Hey guys,

I'm a Canadian student going to a non-target in my third year. I'm studying Psychology & Neuroscience but hoping to switch into Finance. Most people have told me that the best thing for me is to do a masters program and take a shot are recruiting.

GPA: 3.94
GMAT: haven't taken it yet, look at but would probably score 675+
Extra-Curricular: nothing spectacular, but also not inactive
Experience: no experience in finance yet (hence why i'm looking for pre-experience programs)

I've looked at the Canadian schools but was looking for recommendations for the US and UK. Everywhere I look, everyone says LSE, and MIT and stuff. But seeing my profile, I don't see how LSE is going to take me (correct me if i'm wrong). I'm looking for more mid to high-tier schools. Not necessarily the cream of the crop.

Thank you!!

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Jan 6, 2019

Linda Abraham
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