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Hi everyone, I would like to know which business School are within reach based on my profile ?

french/Mauritian student , 21 years old male

Undergrad :
Non target Australian B-School , Double major in Banking and Finance , 87% Course weighted average (CPA)
Awards :
- Member of vice chancellors list 3 times (granted to the top 1% of undergraduates across all campuses and majors)
- Received Letter of commendation twice.

Experience :
- 3months internship in a local bank (Mauritius) - External Asset management
- Starting a full time job in Audit - Big 4 next month

- Maths peer tutor for the university
- Assistant researcher for 4months (mostly data gathering + interviews)
- Selected to participate in the CFA Research Challenge to represent the Uni (result : Local 3rd)

- Tennis coach for 1 month (kids)
- Helped the uni start a campaign to educate middle-income population in matters related to insurance/pension funds, investing in the stock market...

Language : Fluent in french and English, Spanish (limited proficiency)

Software : Office, python (beginner)

Areas of interest : Financial modelling, portfolio management

Gmat : Not yet taken ( took a long time to decide if I should attempt it or not due to a heavy workload + mandatory ACCA papers I have to take with my new job)

Targets : Open to suggestions ? Ideally some top european business schools but not tier 1 as I don't believe my profile is competitive enough hence : Rotterdam, Esade, Ie, Warwick, Dauphine (France), HEC Lausanne , Copenhaguen , KCL, Cass, or some AustralianB-Schools (ANU/Melbourne)

Thanks in advance for your time,

Would greatly appreciate if you could recommend universities I should apply to based on my profile and best Schools without Gmat requirement !


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Dec 24, 2018

Without the GMAT I believe ESADE is your best bet. Alternatively you could do the entrance exam for IE which shouldn't take as long as the GMAT!

Dec 25, 2018

Thank you for your answer ! However ESADE do require that I take the Gmat before they can process with the application. What would be the best Msc Finance without a Gmat? Hec Lausanne ?

Dec 26, 2018

Warwick probably out of the ones you've listed...

Dec 27, 2018