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I am a 24 year old Indian Male. Passed out in 2017 with 4.0 GPA (According to WES GPA converter; otherwise 7.5 CGPA ) in B.Tech CSE from a known university.
GRE QA 169/VA 159 AWA 5.0 Total 328
IELTS 8 Bands
No work ex (due to a family crisis)
Have been involved in teaching Computer science, math and English in my socially backward village.
Excellent practical skills in C++, Java, Web development.
Gave the CAT 2018 exam for admission in MBA courses in India. Expecting a 99%+ score in a total candidate pool of 250,000 test takers.

I am looking to make a career shift to Finance and have been looking at top courses like:
1. Princeton M.Fin
2. MIT M.Fin
4. University of Chicago
and many others (primarily from Quantnet's list). I would like to know my chances in these universities and some safe options which offer great placement opportunity.

Thanks in advance!!!!!

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Dec 26, 2018