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Hi guys,

So I just finished my undergrad and plan on doing a year in the industry next year prior to undertaking an MSc.
So I'm gonna post my profile there and it would be much help if you could criticise it/tell me what areas I should improve to maximise my potential for MSc finance applications.
I am looking into applying to these schools (MSc Finance or equivalent):
LSE, LBS, Imperial College London, Cambridge, Oxford, WHU, HEC, Essec, MIT, Berkeley, UCLA, ESCP, Erasmus Rotterdam.

Also, what are the requirements for American MBA at Wharton, Harvard etc?

My profile:
- high school valedictorian
- undergraduate BSc (Hons) PPE Economics major at a uk target university graduating with high 2:1
- high grades in quant, business and finance modules (range 68-85), lower grades in philosophy and politics
- spring weeks at top london elite boutique in IB and restructuring and bulge brackets in global markets and IBD
- active in societies
- internships during 2021-2022: top Bulge Bracket (think Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley) and then at top boutique (think Evercore/Rothschild) both in IBD
- speak 3 languages fluently
- GMAT not obtained yet but expect a score superior to 725

Thanks !!

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Jun 14, 2021 - 12:03pm

Can't speak for OP, but the EMEA landscape is very different than the US. Many Masters candidates have several EB / BB internships on mainland Europe (with FT offers) which they have going into the program. They then use these to recruit for London-based OC / SA positions.

Given OP's languages I would not be surprised if this was their position.

London recruitment right now really is crazy quite frankly. 

Jun 14, 2021 - 11:57am

Know the Masters space pretty well in the UK. I imagine that with this profile you shouldn't have any issues getting into the Oxford / LBS / LSE top programs assuming you write a semi-reasonable statement of intent.

The 2:1 is a bit of a downer historically but have heard that they have become more lenient in this regard if they feel like the candidate has a high chance of graduating into a top IB / Consulting / PE role, which I imagine you do. All in all I rank your chances pretty highly.

In terms of feedback do you have other extracurriculars that are not finance focused? This can sometimes be an issue for some candidates. Think your prior internships should cover this area but if I were to criticize one area this would be it.

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Jun 14, 2021 - 12:01pm

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