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I was hoping to get some feedback on my profile and some suggestions as to which MSc Finance programs I might have a chance at being admitted.

- BSc from the top business school in Norway (the first year of my degree was taken at a less prestigious institution)
- Current GPA: 4.37/5 (in the Norwegian grading scale), corresponds to ~3.5/4 in the American scale
- Expected to graduate with an overall GPA of ~4.5/5 (3.6/4)
- I have yet to take the GMAT, but expect a result in the range of 700-730
- Member of my school's finance group
- No finance-related work experience (only a couple of summers working in a S&L bank)
- Have taken several courses in mathematics (linear algebra, differential equations, difference equations, optimization, etc.)
- Have received a good letter of recommendation from a distinguished professor of finance

Do you think that I stand a chance at any of the more "prestigious" MFin programs (i.e. Warwick MSc Finance, MSc Accounting and Finance at Imperial College etc.)? I'm worried that my lacking work/internship experience and moderate GPA will greatly reduce my odds... Any thoughts on this?

I'm very grateful for your input and advice.

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Jan 28, 2019

Firstly, the Warwick MFin is solid but the A&F at ICL isn't really up there with 'prestigious' degrees. For both I would say good profile, perhaps better chanced at ICL. Also look into UCL.

Jan 28, 2019

The Scandinavian GPA standard is different from most other European countries. Since grades tend to be normally distributed the amount of A's being handed out is way lower, and from my experience, most UK universities are aware of this.

You definitely stand a chance of being admitted. If you're from Norway you're paying overseas fees, which greatly increase your chances. I'm not even sure you need the GMAT for Imperial, but I would think it will boost your chances of being admitted.

Jan 29, 2019