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Hi all,

I need some advice on picking the right MSc in Finance in Europe. I'd like to pursue a career in IB or asset management.

BSc Economics - #1 school in my country, top 5% of my class
770 GMAT
Solid extracurriculars (case study club, many competitions etc)
1 summer not finance related internship


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Feb 28, 2018

A lot of Eastern Europeans at LSE. I think the UK in general is very open to foreign students. Your profile looks really solid for LSE and UK semi-targets e.g. UCL, Imperial and Warwick.

Is the end goal working in Europe or USA?

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Feb 28, 2018

Thanks for the feedback. I always wanted to end up in Europe, but I'm still trying to figure out what does it take to get an internship/a job as a non-EEA national (in other words, how averse are employers to sponsorship-requiring applicants).

LSE is an amazing program from what I've heard, Warwick as well. How do you feel about Uni Bocconi/HEC/St Gallen for that matter?

Feb 28, 2018

Not sure how sponsorship for non-EU students is for the EU but when I was applying to firms none would sponsor for the US so I would imagine it's similar in the EU (but check)

The other unis you mentioned are good and from my experience (talking to friends that have gone there). St Gallen is very big mainly for working in the DACH region. HEC and Bocconi are the best in their countries and seen as semi-targets in Europe. Having said that, a lot of Italians in London have come from Bocconi whilst with the French there is more diversity and not many come from HEC; a lot come from other business or engineering schools

Mar 1, 2018

As a non-EEA, the only real job market for you is London, followed by Zurich (finance), Dublin (tech), Berlin (start-up) and Amsterdam (HF and some AMs). These are cities where you can get a job w/o speaking the local language. In your chosen field, it's really just London, Zurich and Amsterdam. With that in mind, i would go to uni in the UK. It's much easier getting a work visa having studied here (it is just how it is). Other countries in Europe are very flexible but you can always fly there to interview/move there. There is also no point going to Bocconi or even HEC even though both are top top schools. They will say their students get jobs everywhere (read: London) but those students are Italian or French or at least EEA...They are not talking about you. Try asking them for their non-EEA stats and they will just...stop talking. It goes w/o saying that you cannot compete with these students in their home market.

You have really solid stats and you should definitely get at least 1 offer from Oxbridge/LSE/LBS/Imperial. Maybe 1 thing to improve and this will be of real benefits once you start FT recruiting, is to get a finance internship before your MSc. WBS (Warwick) would be OK too but they are simply not as good in terms of placing international students into UK-based jobs.

If you are serious about moving and working in Europe, i would not bother going to a semi target. You will not get an IB job out of that. There are simply too many people! A quick look at this link shows Cass business school alone has >3.5K postgraduate students. The whole school (across subjects) also has >3K of non-EEA students. This is just 1 school. London is small, it's not like the US... you get the picture.

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Feb 28, 2018

Thanks for your reply, very informative!

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Mar 5, 2018

why MSF? it's not like you graduated in bottom of a shit school. What can you not reach now?

Feb 28, 2018