Profile Review: Aiming for Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Booth, Kellogg, and Tuck. What are my chances?

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Hi all! Looking for some insight on whether I have a shot at the top programs. Appreciate any feedback and criticism!

Here's my profile: Background: Japanese-American 27-year old bisexual male

Undergrad Institution: University of California, Berkeley (Graduated 2011)

Major: Psychology

UG GPA: 3.82

GRE Score: 169V, 168Q, Writing: 6.0

Work Experience: Four years in business development at f500 high-tech companies. Spent one year at IBM, and then three at Oracle. At Oracle, I've experienced three promotions: from "business development consultant" to "senior strategy business development consultant" to "solutions consulting manager." I currently manage a team consisting of marketing and sales professionals, and have been in the top 20% of my quota target.

Unique Circumstances: Upon graduating college, I became suddenly crippled with various debilitating neurological conditions. I had to quit my job and stay at home for two years (during which I did an online internship). While I was getting treatment, it turned out that I had Multiple Sclerosis.

Eventually after a long and arduous period, after two years out of undergrad and in mostly unemployment (mostly be lying around in bed all day), I pulled myself up by the bootstraps, didn't let my MS define me, and entered back into the workforce and gave it my all. Right now, although it's a struggle, I am able to perform at a high ability with reasonable accommodations.

Extracurricular Activities: I've been heavily involved in political activism, as it relates to disability advocacy and rights. I'm a leader in our local MS chapter, where I give conferences at local schools and university, and spread awareness about MS via guest conferences and classes. My group has engaged in successful political lobbying at the local level to make public spaces more accessible to disabled individuals and those with chronic medical conditions.

I've also been a leader in political campaigns, for people running for congress (including ro khanna's successful run), and various people for state assembly and senate in CA.

Besides that, I've been involved as a board member in a local NGO raising autism awareness (my cousins in Japan are both autistic). I volunteer for the local LGBT center and also a group helping human trafficking survivors, although I don't have leadership positions there.

I'm also an officer, albeit not president, in UC Berkeley's local alumni association, and have helped with fundraising efforts/alumni donations.

On a fun note, I play the electric guitar in a local rock band.

Schools to which I'm applying: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, and Tuck. If these aren't feasible, I'm also considering Columbia and Duke-Fuqua.

Goals: Consulting. Consulting is my real dream and passion. MBB is ideal, but good tier 2 or boutiques are ok too.

Thanks so much!! Much appreciated from all of you!! :D