Project finance to infrastructure M&A

tl;dr Is doing infrastructure Project Finance to break into infrastructure M&A a good plan?

I have been looking to break into infrastructure M&A (as an off-cycle intern) recently but am having a hard time, mostly because I have no infrastructure experience.

Quick background: Econ graduate from a top 10-15 university in the UK. Have been working in corporate finance the last few months since graduating.

I was recently rejected from a role but was given the suggestion of applying for an entry level Infrastructure Project Finance role before reapplying to Infrastructure M&A after a year or two. I've only just started researching Project Finance and it actually looks very interesting to me.

For those of you working in any Infrastructure finance role, is going into Project finance until I can get an M&A infra. off-cycle internship/analyst position a wise plan? What alternatives are better? Would I be better to stay in Corporate Finance until I can switch to M&A?

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Nov 22, 2021 - 6:03pm

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