Hi guys,
As a little background, I'm coming from a technological field and I have just finished up my MBA degree. I began researching about consulting industry a few months ago and sent off my CV for MBB firms. Now I have got an invitation to do the McKinsey PST.
I am wondering if anyone here has experience on doing this test?
I've collected some information about this test and I also find that there are a lot of paid tests and preparation materials as well.
Has anyone used these paid materials? Are they really useful?
I'd love to get your feedbacks before buying any one of those materials.
Thanks a lot.

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If those topics were completely useless, don't blame me, blame my programmers...

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McKinsey PST is a preliminary test conducted before first case interview which is used to evaluate a candidate's analytical and quantitative ability. From what I have collected, it is primarily a math and logic test, take root the real case in consulting firms and you should sharpen both your analytical skills and arithmetic skills to pass that test.
I haven't paid for those materials but I prefer to go for MConsultingPrep [dot] com and Igotanoffer whose tests are very similar to one that McKinsey have and very comprehensive through their customer feedbacks. You can also practice GMAT to enhance your skills and try the real test of McKinsey from their official website. Hope it can help you.


I have been using materials from igotanoffer[dot]com. Quite helpful and comprehensive. But I haven't tried other sources so I don't know if there's anything else better on the market? I heard MConsutingPrep has some really nice quality materials, broken down by types and cases. Did anyone try it yet?


I've tried their PST comprehensive package and totally satisfied. Basically everything you need to get through the PST test (study road map, questions broken down by type, detailed explanation...) I've passed the McK's PST test solely with this. Highly recommend!!!


The most challenging part of PST is time pressure. You only have about 2.5 minutes for a question, and some of them require a lot of reading or computing or both. Thus, you need to find yourself a consistent strategy to read and solve the questions and practice those methods until you master them. The ideas of grouping questions and techniques of MCPrep are good, but you also need to find some the specifically applicable to your mental process as well. After taking the first 2 tests, I also realized I was bad at Word-problem and Verbal questions at first like you, so I bought their practices in those questions type for extra practice. Some of the tips I find:
- Underline keyword of verbal question, especially the word "NOT" and keep them in mind
- Check and read only the paragraphs that hold the keyword when answer the question at hand, so that you don't get distracted.
- Only when the context doesn't bear any clue about a certain keyword that you should make your own guess about how the common meaning of the keyword affect the problem at hand.
Good luck


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