PWC - Assurance & Consulting shared scheme

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What is your take on this new 5 year scheme offered by PwC (UK)?

"On this innovative five-year programme, you'll work in both our Assurance and our Consulting businesses, training to become both an accountant and a management consultant."

3 years audit (ACA). 2 years management consulting.

Is it worth the big 5 year investment? I originally wanted to do audit for the ACA and the stability that comes with it. Now I see that I would rather pursue Consulting (more client interaction, expenses, better pay, people say its more fun) but it is such a volatile job market...

Should I just go straight into consulting and save myself 3 years? Or will I actually become a well round business advisor?

Any help is much appreciated. No one seems to know much about this new scheme!

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Sep 5, 2014