PwC Infrastructure and Project Finance Advisory

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Does anybody has any info on PwC infrastructure advisory department? How is it regarded by the industry? How difficult would be to move from there to a project finance tema in a bank or PE in the future?
I want to end up in project finance and eventually PE or industry, but not sure how it differs from PwC to a bank and if it does much, if the experience would be valuable career wise.


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Nov 25, 2014

I also want to know this, but no one ever has much information. There have been at least 3 posts in this forum requesting insights about Infrastructure/Project Finance/Public-Private Partnership advisory teams at Big 4 Consulting Firms.

Perhaps this is a question better suited for the Investment Banking forum? My gut feeling is that most commercial consultants have absolutely no overlap with Infrastructure folks, despite being within the same firm.

Beyond that, I think infra advisory is still a small world within the United States, but expected to grow in the coming years.

Nov 26, 2014

Thanks for the reply! I haven't had any luck so far founding info on this topic...

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Dec 10, 2014